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"Who Will" is a song from An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster, sung by Nellie Brie, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tony Toponi and Tiger. It is the first and only song in the series that Tony sings, and the first song Tiger sang since "A Duo" in the first film. Nellie begins the song while trying to convince Lone Woof to help them in their search for Madame Mousey in Central Park.

The song was performed by Susan Boyd, Thomas Dekker, Dom DeLuise and Pat Musick.


Nellie: If you don't lend a hand

When a hand needs lending

Who will?

Fievel: If you don't help your friends

When they need befriending

Who will?

When nothing goes right,

And everything's wrong.

When the days are too cold,

And the nights are too long

Nellie: If you won't be there to stand and be strong,

Nellie & Fievel: Who will?

Tony: If you don't risk your neck

When a risk needs takin', '

Who will?

If you don't break the rules

When the rules need breakin',

Who will?

You've gotta be tough,

Nellie: And forthright and square,

Tiger: You can't hide your head,

And pretend you're not there.

Fievel: If we don't fight for what's right and what's fair,

Who will?

Nellie: Everyone has a hero hiding deep inside

Waiting to appear, But there is no time left to hide

The moment is now, the place is here

Tony: Who will risk life and limb

Just to help a stranger?

I will

Fievel: Who will walk through the dark

Even though there's danger?

I will.

Who'll stay by your side?

Tony: And take up the cause?

Tiger: Who'll give you his strength, his heart, and his paws?

Tony: Who'll be your back-up?

Tiger: Your buddy?

Fievel: Your friend?

Fievel, Tony, & Tiger: We will.

Fievel: Fievel

Nellie: And Nellie

Tony: And Tony

Tiger: And Tiger

ALL: We will.

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