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Tiger is Fievel Mousekewitz's best friend and is one of the only friendly cats from the An American Tail series (the only other one being Miss Kitty). He was originally a member of the Mott Street Maulers until he felt sorry for Fievel and decided to free him and quit the group.

He was voiced in every appearance by the late Dom DeLuise, with the exception to the An American Tail: A Musical Adventure with Fievel and Friends where he was voiced by Donny Gerrard (who also voiced Papa Mousekewitz on the CD).


Tiger is shown to be less than brilliant (i.e. when playing cards during An American Tail, some of the cards are facing the wrong way and he calls out rummy when he and the other cats were playing poker). He is also a tad goofy, which is shown when he tries to catch Fievel after he has been spotted. He‘s very kind-hearted, as shown when he sympathizes with Fievel about how he was isolated from his family and relates that he also lost his family later on. He likes mice, yet as friends rather than food. He is also a vegetarian, as he doesn't devour meat of any kind (except for "a little fish now and then"), and his favorite food is apparently broccoli. He tends to be something of a scaredy-cat throughout the series. He has arachnophobia and a deep fear of dogs (as is revealed in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West), but he is able to conquer his fear, becoming lion-hearted by the end of the aforementioned film. Ironically the direct-to-video sequels borrow much from his characterization in Fievel Goes West despite either taking place before said movie or retconning it altogether, probably due to him making only a brief appearance in the first film and being under-developed by the end. And he is also known as thoughtful, imaginative, good-hearted, empathetic, respectful, truthful, intuitive, generous, even-tempered and realistic.


Tiger is an enormous, chubby cat with long orange fur, pale off-white fur on his belly and his cheeks, and dark brown fur around his eyes and on his paws. His whiskers act as a large mustache. He wears a tight purple t-shirt, which when he was a member of the Mott Street Maulers sported a dark purple M on it (this is removed in the sequels for obvious reasons). In Fievel Goes West he's given a slight redesign; his cheek fur is orange like the fur on most of his body, and his paws become more human-like than cat-like, with pink pads on the bottom. The later sequels follow this redesign for the most part.

An American Tail[]

Tiger is first seen in a late point of An American Tail, where he is playing cards (some of which are facing the wrong way) with other members of the Mott Street Maulers. When Fievel is spotted by Warren T. Rat, Tiger helps in trying to capture the little mouse. When Fievel is captured, he is placed on guard duty, where he learns that, like him, Fievel has lost his family. After sharing more information about himself, (among it, his love of vegetables) he and Fievel quickly craft a friendship and sing A Duo. However, an alarm goes off, warning the Maulers that there's been a prison break. Fievel escapes, while Tiger is fired by Warren T (which Tiger finds to be a good thing, because he never liked Warren T. or his poor violin playing).

He is next seen (somewhat briefly) when the Mousekewitz Family teams up with Tony Toponi, Bridget and Gussie Mausheimer join together to find Fievel. Presumably, he teams up with them as well (albiet, off-screen). He serves as transportation for the other searchers. When Fievel is found, Tiger claims he's never been more happy in his life as Gussie hugs him on his big toe.

Tiger is last seen in the movie being carried by four of the pigeons that are friends to Henri.

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West[]

Tiger is first seen near the start of An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. His girlfriend, Miss Kitty (who is also one of the only friendly cats of the An American Tail series), dumps him, stating that she wants a cat "who's more like a dog". His girlfriend quickly leaves, which causes Tiger to begin crying (despite his promise to be tough in Miss Kitty's abscence).

Soon afterwards, the Cactus Cat Gang attacks the mouse homes. Tiger goes to try and help. Sadly, his attempt is hindered by his phobia of spiders, which is activated when he sees Chula. He falls from his perch and lands in a trash can, passed out.

The next morning, Tiger rushes to see if the Mousekewitz family is alright. Unfortunately, Tiger finds their home deserted. A note left by Fievel tells Tiger where the Mousekewitzes are: the train station, where they will take a train bound for Green River in Utah.

Tiger goes to the station immediately; unfortunately (for him), he is chased by dogs every step of the way (including a run-in with a dog-fish).

He is next seen on a fisherman's boat (he had been caught with a bunch of cat-fish) on top of an underwater tunnel (which is called water bridge to some people). He tries to pretend to be a cat-fish, but is thrown out of the boat. He lands safely on a stagecoach, where he remarks that his mother "always wanted him to be on the stage". He tries to ask a cowboy on the stagecoach if he's going to Green River, but realizes (too late) that the cowboy was a dog. He jumps off and gets tangled in a net hanging off of the stagecoach, where he is yanked along the road like a rag doll.

His journey goes on like this until he crashes in a pile of bones at the border between the Badlands and Worselands. Realizing he was left behind, he states that he is "lost, all alone... in a million-acre cat box".

He is next seen wandering through the desert, singing "Oh, My Darling" when he runs into what appears to be Miss Kitty; however, it turns out to be a mirage, as "Miss Kitty" was really an owl. Suddenly, Tiger hears what sounds like Fievel calling him. However, he figures that Fievel (who was really there) is another mirage and passes by him (and the opposite is also true for Fievel).

Tiger is next seen still in the desert when he is ambushed and captured by the Mousehican tribe, who use buffalo bones as a cage and knock Tiger out.

Later that night, Tiger finds himself hanging over a fire in the Mousehican village and being looked at by the Mousehicans as food. Soon, the Mousehican chief appears and it looks like Tiger will be eaten until the chief literally looks at things from a different perspective as he lines the hanging Tiger up with a large rock formation that, oddly enough, looks just like Tiger. Taking it as a sign that Tiger is "a god of eternal peace and cosmic love" (which is actually said later in the movie), the Mousehicans celebrate with a massive feast. During this time, Tiger breaks the fourth wall by turning to the camera and saying "How did they know I was a vegetarian?" and "It's funny how your appetite perks up when you find out you're gonna have dinner instead of be dinner...". Tiger hangs back while the Mousehicans kill the hawk, and butcher it, as soon as Fievel lands in part of Tiger's feast and is nearly eaten until Fievel tells Tiger to say "ahh". Sharing a tender reunion, Fievel tells Tiger to come with him to Green River; however, due to the fact that the Mousehicans become very offended if someone eats and runs, Tiger says he'll join Fievel as soon as he can (giving his own variation of the "Cross my heart and hope to die" promise). Fievel then asks how to get to Green River (he doesn't know) and Tiger tells him to grab a passing "sagecoach" (a tumbleweed). Saying goodbye, Tiger makes note of his pun, but no one finds it funny.

Tiger is later seen in pictures in Miss Kitty's dressing room, where she regrets having left New York for the west.

Tiger is next seen still relaxing at the Mousehican village, where Fievel is trying to recruit him to help save Green River from Cat R. Waul and his gang. Though Tiger isn't into the idea at first, he is convinced when he smells the exact same perfume that his love was wearing. He decides to join up with Fievel (though he is a bit concerned when he learns he has to be a dog).

He is next seen training under the watchful eye of Wylie Burp. Tiger quickly learns the ways of a dog and is christened "Fido" by Wylie. With his new dog identity and slingshot in hand, Tiger goes with Fievel and Wylie to confront the Cactus Cat Gang. Miss Kitty becomes smitten with Tiger again (being completely unaware that Tiger has learned how to be a dog). Just when Fievel has Cat R. Waul cornered, Chula threatens to kill Miss Kitty if Fievel fires. This causes Tiger to lose it, as he sends the entirei Cactus Cat Gang including Chula flying and overcomes his arachnophobia. Then Fievel shot up Cat R. Waul, Chula, and other members of the cactus cat gang up in the sky. Then Cat R. Waul, Chula, and other members of the cactus cat gang crash landed in a mailbag and the passing train took the mailbag where Cat R. Waul, Chula and other members of the cactus cat gang got trapped in so everybody in Green River include Tiger and Miss Kitty are saved.

Tiger is last seen enjoying a romantic moment with Miss Kitty as Wylie walks off into the sunset.

Fievel's American Tails[]

In the television series, much of Tiger's positive character development in Fievel Goes West has been undone, as he's gone back to being cowardly, and not too bright. His favorite thing to do is hang out with his best friend Fievel; in fact this is more or less what his life revolves around. Perhaps because of the mysterious absence of Wylie Burp in the series, Tiger has not gone on to become sheriff of Green River. He lives in an abandoned wagon. In the episode "Law and Disorder" we find that Miss Kitty has left Green River but still writes letters to Tiger, implying that the two broke up yet again but stayed friends. Tiger lies to her about being the Marshall of Green River in his letters, but when she comes to visit eventually she sees through the lie. Although Tiger apologizes and she forgives him, she still leaves town again at the end, implying that they're still not back to being a couple.

Sometimes Fievel's parents worry that Tiger is a bad influence on Fievel, getting him into trouble or causing him to goof off and not do his chores or homework. In "That's What Friends Are For" this leads to Tiger ignoring Fievel and even being mean to him because he doesn't want to be a bad influence, choosing instead to befriend Chula. A particularly low point for his character is in "Little Mouse on the Prairie" where Tiger leaves all three Mousekewitz siblings for dead at the mercy of Cat R. Waul because he's afraid of Chula; something he would never have done by the end of Fievel Goes West. If not for a convenient bump in the road causing Waul to fall out of the wagon, this could very well have resulted in Waul eating Fievel and his sisters.

Direct-to-Video Sequels[]

Tiger is a supporting character in these, tagging along with Fievel and his friends. Fievel's parents use him to control an angry mob in The Treasure of Manhattan Island, and he accompanies Fievel's expedition to the Lenape hideout. By the end of the movie he is made the Chief of Police, but this plot point is forgotten the next film. In The Mystery of the Night Monster he assists Tony in his paperboy job, and later on plays an important role in getting the dog council in Central Park to capture Madame Mousey, overcoming his cowardice in the face of dogs. The films both seem to borrow from his characterization in Fievel Goes West, despite apparently retconning the film.


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  • Tiger’s character is inspired by his late voice actor, Dom DeLuise.
  • There is a continuity issue with Tiger’s background. In the original film, Fievel stated that he would help find Tiger’s family. Unfortunately, this was deliberately forgotten after that. Either the writers prefer to keep the character in the films, or the issue that Tiger stated that he had three dads, which can be seen taken as a result of a LGBT reference, which was deemed taboo in children’s medias at the time.

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