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The Giant Mouse of Minsk a.k.a the secret weapon is a makeshift monster used by the mice to scare the cats from Warren T. Rat' gang.


Once a children's story from Papa Mousekawitz, it was then inspired by Fievel to make it come to life and used to get rid of the cats. The Giant Mouse of Minsk is a makeshift machine having the appearance of a massive mouse that was secretly built in an abandoned parade warehouse called Professor Digitalius' Museum. Created from a parade float animal frame, purple and pink leather used for the body and tail, and a large mouse head. It was powered by a hand cranked mechanism that drove it forward. When Warren T. Rat arrives at the warehouse with his gang of cats, he plans to raid the building and rid the mice. The machine was almost released by accident before the time a ship bound for Hong Kong leaves at 6 a.m but was held back with ropes and pulleys.

Just as the mice secure it, they are ordered to release the weapon just as a clock rings 6. The attempt to break the ropes but struggle. Fievel assists by using a burning piece of wood the burn the large rope which allows the machine to move. It breaks out, emitting loud roars while the mice use frireworks to the scare the cats into running. It chases them to the edge of the pier and then tricking them into jumping into the bay. It is then destroyed after sinking into the bay


According to Papa, the Mouse of Minsk was as tall as a tree with a mile long tail. He finishes by saying that it was so large, it terrified any cats in its path. This is confirmed when the Mott Street Maulers run in fear to the edge of the dock at Chelsea Pier.