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The Bullying Orphans are the final antagonists of An American Tail. They are a trio of homeless orphans living in Orphan Alley. They only appear together in one scene, where they mock Fievel after finding him sleeping in their spot, telling Fievel that his family should be looking for him, not the other way around, and the reason why they haven’t is because they don't care (which is only partially true, as they had, for the majority of the film, presumed him dead until finding his hat at Chelsea Pier). When Fievel breaks down and agrees, they let him join them, shoving Fievel into a puddle and throwing hay at him so he can make himself a bed. They are presumed to be scared away by Gussie and Tiger when they tried to reunite Fievel with his family, or they had already left by then, which does not matter, as the Mousekewitzes were already looking for Fivel, so they were ultimately proven wrong

According to storyboards, their names are Roc (the fat one with black hair), Pee Wee (the gray one in the orange hat), and Noodles (the bald one with glasses).

Noodles is seen earlier at Moe's Sweatshop. He tells Fievel and Tony to "pipe down" when they first meet because he was trying to sleep. It seems likely he didn't remember Fievel when he saw him at Orphan Alley, and his escape clearly didn't make him any less pessimistic.


  • The DVD version changes the voices of Pee Wee and Roc, as well as some of their dialog for unknown reasons It is possible to make them seem meaner and less sympathetic as in the original dub Pee Wee lines sounded more accepting of Fieval to join saying “You’re one of us now’ being redubbed to ‘You’re nothing you junk you’re trash’. These changes carried over onto the Blu-Ray version as well. It is currently unknown who redubbed their voices.
  • They also appear in An American Tail: The Computer Adventures of 'Fievel and His Friends, where they are friends with Tony Toponi.
  • Noodles' design might be a reference to The Yellow Kid, a comic strip character from the 1890's.
  • Roc is voiced by Steve Jay Blum(in the original dub)
  • Noodles is voiced by Diane Michelle
  • Pee Wee is voiced by Barbara Goodson(in the original dub)




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A comparison of the VHS and DVD dubs

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