The An American Tail series had a melodic orchestrated soundtrack all throughout, mostly composed by the legendary James Horner. The first two films had their soundtracks officially released by MCA Records, while the latter two direct-to-video sequels did not, and are only available through illegitimate means.

In addition to these, the album An American Tail: A Musical Adventure With Fievel and Friends was also released in 1991, but was an album of mostly original songs. See the page on that for more information.

An American Tail

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An American Tail: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack was released along with the film in 1986. The album was released by MCA Records on vinyl, cassette and CD. The scores were performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, and it contains all of the musical numbers from the film as well. Both versions of "Somewhere Out There" are featured (the film version and Linda Ronstadt's version). The soundtrack version of "There Are No Cats In America" differs somewhat from the film version. A few songs and cues from the film were left off the soundtrack however, such as Warren's theme and "Poor Wandering One".


1 Main Title 5:07
2 The Cossack Cats 2:15
3 There Are No Cats In America 3:00
4 The Storm 3:59
5 Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor 2:44
6 Never Say Never 2:25
7 The Market Place 3:02
8 Somewhere Out There 2:40
9 Somewhere Out There 3:59
10 Releasing The Secret Weapon 3:38
11 A Duo 2:38
12 The Great Fire 2:54
13 Reunited 4:44
14 Flying Away And End Credits 5:59

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West


An American Tail: Fievel Goes West: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack was released in 1991 along with the film by MCA Records. As with the first soundtrack it was released on CD, cassette and vinyl. The soundtrack was composed by James Horner and includes both versions of Dreams to Dream, which was nominated for a Golden Globe award. The song "Dreams to Dream" was based on a short instrumental piece from An American Tail (on the track "Reunited").

The soundtrack quotes many classic western scores, from The Magnificent Seven to Aaron Copland's Rodeo: Hoe Down. It also quotes several fiddle tunes including The 8th Of January.


1 Dreams to Dream (Finale Version) 4:41
2 American Tail Overture (Main Title) 7:07
3 Cat Rumble 7:28
4 Headin' Out West 2:34
5 Way Out West 1:45
6 Green River / Trek Through The Desert 5:41
7 Dreams To Dream (Tanya's Version) 2:31
8 Building A New Town 2:42
9 Sacred Mountain 2:21
10 Reminiscing 2:12
11 The Girl You Left Behind 1:40
12 In Training 1:48
13 The Shoot-Out 5:28
14 A New Land - The Future 8:18

Score cues left off the soundtrack

  • Tiger Chases the Train
  • Mouse Burger Plot
  • The Flying Aaaaah/Tiger’s Chase Continues
  • Puttin’ On the Ritz (Movie Version)
  • Two Old Friends Reunited
  • Rawhide
  • Saloon Music
  • Wylie Burp/More Like a Dog
  • The Shoot-Out (Movie Version)
  • The River Returns/Celebration
  • "Hoe-down" by Aaron Copland

The Treasure of Manhattan Island and Mystery of the Night Monster

These films never had their soundtracks released in any official format; however, fans have been able to extract some of the songs off of the DVDs themselves. Some of the songs were included in the DVD extras without background noises or dialog as a sing-along. Besides their original musical numbers, the films mainly reused James Horner's scores from the first two films as background music, but with a few instrumental versions of the original songs, composed by Michael Tavera.