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An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

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  • Amy Irving
  • Cynthia Ferrer (Fievel's American Tails)

Sophia "Miss" Kitty is Tiger's girlfriend from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. In later media her first name is revealed to be named Sophia, making her fully name Sophia Kitty.

Role in film:[]

Miss Kitty is a feline showgirl with a tough attitude, who prefers her men to be equally tough. She and Tiger apparently began a relationship in the time before Fievel Goes West takes place, however she decides to leave New York and Tiger behind for an opportunity in the west; she reasons with Tiger that she wants a cat who is more like a dog. When she appears again it is after Cat R. Waul has discovered Tanya's voice and wants Kitty to prepare her for the stage. She teasingly refers to Waul as 'pussy-poo', which he despises because it is what his owner calls him. It can safely be assumed that Miss Kitty must have witnessed an incident with Waul's owner capturing him and incessantly cuddling him. Besides this brief interaction, her real relationship with Waul is left obscure. Miss Kitty befriends Tanya and encourages her, giving her makeup and a fancy dress before her performance. During this scene, she reveals that she is unhappy in Green River and misses Tiger. Later on in the movie she is impressed by the way Tiger has transformed himself after defeating Waul and his gang, and she kisses him.

Role in TV series:[]

Tiger and Kitty

She also appears in the Fievel's American Tails episode "Law and Disorder", albeit with a different voice actress, Cynthia Ferrer. In the show she has left Green River to tour the country and sing, and though it isn't said, it appears she and Tiger are taking a break in their relationship once again. However, they still write letters to each other. When she visits Green River, Tiger gets caught in a lie, because he'd been bragging to her that he was a Marshall when he really was unemployed and living in a discarded wagon. Fievel tries to help him keep up the act, but eventually he has to tell her the truth. She forgives him, but still leaves Green River again at the end of the episode rather than staying with Tiger.

Role in Video Games:[]


In the DOS game An American Tail: The Computer Adventures of Fievel and His Friends, Miss Kitty is given the first name Sophia. Although the game's canonical merit is questionable at best, this is the only instance where she is given a first name. Her role in the game is mainly the same as in the movie, though even more minor, with her only appearing in cutscenes and being mentioned by other characters.


  • She is voiced by Amy Irving in the film, and Cynthia Ferrer in the TV series.
  • Amy Irving was known also for providing the singing voice of Jessica Rabbit.
  • Steven Spielberg was divorcing Amy Irving at the time the film was being made, and this is reflected with Miss Kitty leaving Tiger at the beginning of the film.
  • Sophia Kitty's name is about the same as Sophie Mousekewitz, except Sophie's name is spelt differently ("A" replaces "E" in the end).
  • Her character's name may be a reference to Miss Kitty Russell, a main character on the long-running radio and television western series Gunsmoke.
  • Her voice was modeled after actress Mae West.


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