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Slug is one of the members of the Outlaw Cats and is one of the two supporting antagonists alongside Bootlick in An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster. He is a follower of Twitch and Madame Mousey, and is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Unlike Twitch and Bootlick, Slug is the most dim-witted of the group. He helps Mousey, Twitch, and Bootlick build the Night Monster machine so they can kidnap them and take them to the swers where they will become a food source for the cats. At the near end of the film, he and Bootlick were chased away by the Dog Council. Later it is revealed that the Outlaw Cats probably including Slug, Bootlick, and even Twitch were last seen fleeing up East Avenue,and were not seen again.


  • Along with Twitch, Slug and Bootlick could be two of the followers of Warren T. in the first film, which explains why they lived in the sewers with the other cats.
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