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The scorpion is a minor antagonist in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. It attacks Fievel Mousekewitz when he's fleeing a hawk. Fievel jumps into its den to escape the hawk, only to see its red glowing eyes in the darkness. The scorpion tries to stab Fievel with its stinger several times, with Fievel backing away from it towards the den entrance as the scorpion attempts to stab him again - only for the scorpion to be unsuccessful as the hawk is able to grab Fievel and carry him away before the scorpion can strike.

Role in the Film[]

The scorpion appears only briefly, and like the hawk, is supposed to illustrate to the viewers the dangers of being a small mouse lost in the desert at night. While in the first film Fievel was mostly only threatened by cats, out in the desert there are many creatures that would hunt him.


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