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Phillip Glasser with Dom DeLuise

VoicedFievel Mousekewitz in An American TailFievel Goes WestFievel's American Tails, and the Fievel and Friends album.

Born: October 4, 1978

Also Appears In: A Troll in Central Park, Bebe's Kids, Hang Time (TV Series), Poolhall Junkies


Phillip Glasser was the little boy who gave Fievel his voice. Glasser's parents got him into acting early, and Don Bluth discovered him when overhearing the child auditioning for an Oscar-Meyer commercial. Landing the part of Fievel was his big break, though voicing Fievel must not have been an easy task for the then-seven year old; Fievel's screams and his crying had to be done through method acting, they couldn't be faked. However, the rest of the cast was very supportive of him. In interviews he's stated that he enjoyed voicing Fievel much better in the more light-hearted sequel Fievel Goes West. He also had a very nice singing voice as can be heard on the Fievel and Friends musical album. By the time Fievel's American Tails was being produced it is somewhat apparent to whoever listens to Fievel's voice that Phillip was beginning to outgrow the role of Fievel, unfortunately, and he was replaced with another young voice actor for the direct-to-video sequels. Glasser would land other odd roles throughout his childhood and teenage years, voicing on A Troll in Central ParkBebe's Kids, The Secret of NIMH II and an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures, also landing minor live action roles on Full House, Boy Meets World and Sabrina the Teenage Witch among others, and was a regular on the show Hang Time. These days, the now 30-something Phillip Glasser has taken to producing movies, such as Kickin' it Old SchoolEndure and Sedona.