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With the end of the An American Tail franchise in the early 2000's, some fans have taken it upon themselves to create their own non-canon fan works based on An American Tail and its characters, continuing their stories or re-imagining them as cross-overs. Here is a comprehensive list of the various fan projects in the fan community.

NOTE: Though fanon is permissible on this page, it should be kept here, as non-canon information does not belong on the other pages of this wiki!

(In other words, if Fievel gets adopted by Mrs. Brisby in your fan fiction that's fine, just don't go adding it to his character page!)

Fan Fiction[]

  • The Basil's American Tail Series - A trilogy of fan fictions in which the universes of An American Tail and The Great Mouse Detective cross over. The first book, Basil's American Tail, re-imagines the first movie if Basil were involved, resulting in him teaming up with Nellie Brie to solve a mystery and later help Fievel find his family. The second, Olivia Goes West, takes place after Fievel Goes West in which Olivia moves to Green River and is followed by Cat R. Waul and Ratigan, having her team up with Fievel; the third book, The Great Mouse Reporter, has Nellie Brie and Basil return to New York to solve the crimes of a new foe after Cholena comes to them for help.