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Never Say Never is a song from An American Tail. It was sung by Henri and (partially) by Fievel Mousekewitz, after Fievel says he'll never find his family, and by the end of the song Fievel feels encouraged to begin his journey.

It was performed by Christopher Plummer and Phillip Glasser.


(Song has not yet begun)

Henri: Ah, this is America; the place to find hope! If you give up, you will never find your family. So... (Helps Fievel put his clothes on) never... say... never! Say...

(Song begins)

Henri: Never say never

Whatever you do (Produces a half dollar from nothing)

Fievel: (Stares at reflection and begins to smile)

Henri: Never say never

My friend

Fievel: (speaking) Henri, I...

Henri: (speaking) Ah, tais-toi!

(Resumes singing) If you believe that your dreams can come true

They'll come true in the end (Motions for Fievel to follow)

Fievel: (speaking) But I...

Henri: (speaking) Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!

Fievel: (Follows Henri)

Henri: (Resumes singing) Keep up your courage

Don't ever despair

Take heart and then count to 10

Hope for the best

Work for the rest

And never say never again. (Places rivet into Statue of Liberty)

(Song temporarily pauses) Fievel: Aw, but it's impossible! I'll never find my family!

Henri: Ah-ah-ah, (Taps Fievel on the nose) never say never! Now, say that! Go on!

(Song resumes)

Fievel: Never say never (Places rivet into Statue of Liberty)

Henri: Whatever you do

(speaking) Again!

Fievel: Never say never (Places rivet into Statue of Liberty)

Henri: To me

(speaking) See how easy?

(Resumes singing) If you believe you can come shining through...

Fievel: (speaking) That's... that's how it's gonna be.

Henri: Perfect! Ha ha!

Female pigeons: (Singing) Now, don't you go and give up

Give out or give in

When the going's rough,

Just get tough

And just tell yourself you're gonna win

Henri: (Wearing Fievel's hat as Fievel wears his) Remember to look on the bright side till then

And never... say never... again!

(Song temporarily pauses)

Henri: Now, are you ready to go and find your family?

Fievel: Yes!

Henri: Chantal! (Blue female pigeon flies over) Take my little friend to immigration. You will find your family there. (With a chuckle) Everyone goes through immigration. I would take you there myself, but then... (Kisses Statue of Liberty) I would never finish my statue.

Fievel: Henri, you said 'never'!

NSN Storyboard

Storyboard to an unused scene during the song

Henri: Oh, so I did! (Chuckles, then resumes singing)

Never say never

Fievel: (Joins in singing) Never say never

Henri and Fievel: Never say never (Note is held before the two tossed their hats back to each other)


(Song has ended)

Henri: Au revoir! Bonne chance! Good luck!

Fievel: Goodbye!

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