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Mr. O'Bloat is one of the major antagonists (alongside Mr. Toplofty) in An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island. He is a greedy industrialist who owns the largest cheese factory in the Tri-State Area along with his partners, Mr. Grasping and Mr. Toplofty. He was voiced by Richard Karron

Role in the film[]

Mr. O'Bloat is first seen along with his associates when Mr. Grasping confronts Tony Toponi for being late, and he questions Grasping's decision not to fire him. Later, he joins his colleagues at Les Club Des Grands Fromages and is with them when Scuttlebutt informs them of the map discovered by Tony and Fievel Mousekewitz.

He is next seen with Grasping and Toplofty when they announce their control of all cheese production in the Tri-State Area, and is the one who informs the workers that they will need to triple their output. That night, Scuttlebutt informs the factory owners of the existence of the Lenape Mice beneath the city. Although Toplofty is concerned about Cholena wandering about the city, O'Bloat is more concerned about the village and fears that they may attempt to invade New York. Despite his fears, O'Bloat signs on to Grasping's plan to start a war between the workers and the Lenape and stands by his side as he incites a mob. He is also reluctantly present at the trial of Dr. Dithering, where he expresses his worry that the mob is out for blood. When Papa Mousekewitz turns the crowd against the factory owners, O'Bloat begins to panic about the possibility of an alliance between the workers and the Lenape to take over the factory.

O'Bloat is last seen at the celebration of the newly-unionized workers' successful strike. He expresses his distaste for the idea of making a deal with the new union, but Toplofty points out that if a deal is not reached they will go broke.


Like his associates, Mr. O'Bloat is greedy and ruthless. However, he lacks their subtlety and cunning, as demonstrated when he bluntly informs the workers that they need to triple their output (a declaration that nearly provoked a riot), and his grammar is noticeably poorer than that of his partners. He appears to possess a sadistic streak, as he finds the thought of horrible losses among the workers to be amusing, and he can be seen stomping on the mouse who helps him off his litter. He is also xenophobic and paranoid, and is the one among his colleagues who is the most distressed about the presence of the Lenape beneath the city.

O'Bloat is almost always seen consuming large quantities of cheese.


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  • Mr. O'Bloat was voiced by Richard Karron, an American actor most known for his appearances in History of the World, Part I, Viva Rock Vegas, and Fatso. He died in 2017.
  • O'Bloat is the most traditionally racist of the factory owners. He views the Lenape as "savages" and considers their mere existence to be a threat.
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