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Mott Street Maulers

The Mott Street Maulers are a gang of vicious cats that terrorize the mice of New York City. They serve as the main antagonists of An American Tail.

An American Tail[]

The Mott Street Maulers are only seen in An American Tail. Their gang is first seen when they savagely attack the local mouse market. Fievel Mousekewitz is nearly eaten alive by one of them, but he manages to escape the mouth of the cat he's in by making him sneeze. They soon run off.

They are not seen again until very late in the movie at the Maulers' Hideout. Fievel, having heard violin music and believing that it was his father playing, slipped in without anyone noticing. Fievel soon finds that the player of the violin isn't his father, but Warren T. Rat! Even more shocking to Fievel, he finds Warren T. is no rat, but a cat in disguise! Warren T. soon discovers Fievel and, realizing his secret could be exposed, yells for the Maulers to "get me that mouse!". Though the Maulers fail to capture him at first, Fievel is soon caught and thrown in a bird cage. Later, while everyone sleeps, Tiger (who was left on guard duty) manages to befriend Fievel and free him, and they perform the song A Duo. However, at the song's end, Tiger and Fievel accidentally break a mirror, which sets off the alarm and wakes up every single Mauler. Fievel escapes once more, while Tiger is fired by Warren T, much to his satisfaction.

The Maulers chase Fievel to Chelsea Pier, where the mice soon find out Warren T.'s secret. In an attempt to get rid of the mice for good, Warren T. lights the Digitalus Museum ablaze. However, he (along with the rest of the Maulers) are scared away by the Mouse of Minsk made by the mice. The Maulers are sent flying off of the edge of the pier; subsequently, they end up thrown onto the anchor of a tramp steamer boat bound for Hong Kong. They are last seen being reassured by their boss that there are plenty of mice in Hong Kong, much to their delight.




The following is a list of the known members of the Mott Street Maulers.

  • Warren T. Rat (leader)
  • Digit (Warren T's cockroach accountant)
  • Tiger (until rescuing Fievel)
  • Jake (second-in-command)-The only other named member, Jake is a very burly cat in a tight T-shirt and bowler hat, and was originally guarding Fievel before Tiger took over his shift. He's also very lighthearted yet rude and sassy.
  • Several unnamed cats.

Trivia and Goofs[]

  • They all wear bowler hats and have the letter M on their shirts.
  • Jake was voiced by Dan Kuenster (one of the film's animators).
  • One of their members looks just like Tiger, and is seen when the anchor on the Star of Hong Kong pulls them up out of the water. It may or may not be an actual goof.
  • Several (if not all) of them are modeled off of the cat Cossacks/Cat-sacks from Russia.
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