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Madame Mousey is the main antagonist of An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster, the fourth and final sequel of the American Tail series. She is a miniature French poodle who has started living among the mice about this time, appearing at every crime scene where the Night Monster strikes, claiming to be a fortune teller. She is also the mastermind behind the night monster all along.

Mousey is voiced by Candi Milo.


She faked being a soothsayer to get money from the mice. She created the Manhattan Monster to get rid of the rodents because when she ran away from her owner (the Public Works Chief of New York, a wealthy woman), the other dogs didn't want to be around a dog who looks similar to a rodent, nor did they want any part of her evil schemes. She snapped and got cats to help her make a monster to wipe away all the rodents of New York. She locked them in crates and sold them to cats to be eaten. In the end, Fievel knocks her out by using a live wire to shock her. At the end of the fight with the cats, Tiger and Tony catch Mousey from escaping into the sewer, and the dog council sends her back to her owner, Mrs. Abernathy. She claimed it was even worse than going to the city pound.


Mousey is self-conscious about her size, and hates being referred to as a mouse or rat, which is probably the reason she wanted to make a plan to kill all the mice of New York. She has a Brooklyn accent but she tries to put on a fake French accent to sound more refined. When she becomes irritated her true accent shows through. And she is also known as mean, arrogant, determined, aggressive, menacing, evil, mischievous, offensive, ungenerous, shrewd, earnest and ill-tempered. She despises Nellie for doubting the night monster and underestimating her. She gave Tony a fake clue to the night monster so Fievel and Nellie could go to an old house to be finished off.


  • Her evil plot to place mice in boxes and sell them to hungry cats had also been tried unsuccessfully by Cat R. Waul in Fievel's American Tails.
  • Her song is Creature de la Nuit.
  • Mousey is voiced by Candi Milo, who has voiced various characters in many animated films and shows.
  • Her name is pronounced "Moo-say", despite its spelling.
  • She normally speaks with a French accent, but switches to to a Brooklyn accent when grumpy, hinting that the french one is false.
  • A small running gag in the film is someone commenting on Mousey's size or that she looks like a rat and she starts growling, only to regain control a moment later.
  • She is similar to Professor Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective. They greatly hate being called a rat and lose their tempers when they are called one. However, unlike Ratigan, Madame Mousey has a bigger right since she is a french poodle, while Ratigan really is a rat. They both also used technology in decisive motifs during their schemes (Madame Mousey and the cats invented robotic “Monsters” to terrorise all the mice in Manhattan while Ratigan kept Hiram Flaversham hostage to work on a clockwork Queen Mousetoria during her Diamond Jubilee).
  • Madame Mousey is similar to Warren T. Rat, the villain in the original film. Both of them gain money from the mice and are secretly the leaders of a gang of Cats who plan to get rid of all the mice. They also both admire historical figures: Warren with William Shakespeare and Mousey with Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • She is, by far, the only female villain in the American Tail franchise.


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