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Law and Disorder
Season 1, Episode 2
Written by David Carren. J. Larry Carroll
Directed by Larry Jacobs
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Law and Disorder is the second episode of Fievel's American Tails, and the only one to feature Miss Kitty.  It was directed by Larry Jacobs (as Lawrence Zelig Jacobs), and written by David Carren and J. Larry Carroll.


This episode starts of with Fievel rushing to get ready to go to school. On his way there Tiger drops down from an apple tree, wanting to play around with Fievel. As he lands a ton of apples fall down on him. Fievel was about to tell Tiger he was too busy to play when they hear a cry for help. Tiger and Fievel climb a fence to see Cat R. Waul about to make a meal of a young rodent, who unwisely threatens to tell his father. "From inside my stomach?" Waul replies. He is about to eat the boy when Fievel and Tiger dump a bunch of apples down a water spout and they come shooting out of the bottom at Waul. The boy, whose name is Sydney, runs off, as does Waul as he's pelted by the apples. Chula stays behind, and climbs up the water spout, convinced that they're out of ammo (disappointingly no "Itsy Bitsy Spider" jokes are made.)

But Tiger has one apple left, which he drops down the spout, and that takes care of Chula. The apple bounces off the ground and crashes through the shopkeeper's window, and he glares angrily as Tiger and Fievel walk past. Tiger and Fievel have such a grand time that Fievel temporarily forgets about going to school, though when he remembers he rushes off. He's only like two seconds late but the teacher tells him because he's late he can't come back to class until he gets a note from one of his parents. When Fievel tries to tell the teacher he was saving Sydney from Cat R. Waul, Sydney denies the whole thing and tells the teacher Fievel is lying. When Fievel reaches into his backpack to give the teacher his homework Yasha's doll that she left in there falls out, and Sydney laughs at Fievel as he blushes in embarrassment. So when Fievel gets back home he gets in trouble not only for being late, but for breaking the shopkeeper's window as well. When Fievel tries to explain, Papa says enough is enough and he bans Fievel from hanging out with Tiger. So the next day when Fievel's going to school, Tiger tries to hang out with him again but Fievel has to blow Tiger off, because he's got school, and later homework, and after that he has to help his Papa with chores. Later on when Fievel is helping his Papa chop wood Tiger shows up and tries to help, only to destroy their wood pile. Papa tells Tiger to go away, and so Tiger walks off, with nothing to do without Fievel around.

The next day, a mailmouse delivers a letter to Tiger as he's sitting in his wagon, bored. It turns out to be from none other than Miss Kitty, who says she's coming to Green River! But there's a problem...Tiger has been lying to her in all his letters, telling her he's the Marshall of Green River. He goes to Fievel for help while he's busy with his chores, and Fievel agrees to help. Next, we see Miss Kitty get off a wagon, to be met by Tiger dressed as a Marshall. Waul quickly steps in to greet Miss Kitty and attempt to flirt with her, but she turns Waul down, pushing him aside and walking off with Tiger. Annoyed, Waul realizes that Tiger is putting on an act, and decides to come up with a plan. Later, as Tiger is pushing Miss Kitty on a swing, they hear a faux southern accent cry out "Help help I've been robbed!" Tiger clumsily runs to the bank to find Fievel disguised in a black trenchcoat pretending to rob the bank. Tiger then walks Fievel off to 'jail'. But as it turns out, they're being watched, by Sydney. And he tells his father, who happens to be the shopkeeper, that he'll go keep an eye on them. So Tiger puts Fievel in a bird cage, secretly leaving it unlocked, and goes off with Miss Kitty again. Just as Fievel is about to escape, Sydney locks Fievel in the cage, and threatens to tell both their fathers what he's been up to. The little brat. But just as Sydney finishes gloating, Chula enters the wagon and kidnaps them both!

Later that day, the shopkeeper, Mr. Schimmel, knocks on the door and Papa answers. He says that Sydney is missing and he last say him going off to 'play' with Fievel and Tiger, and then goes on to say what a bad influence cats can be. Meanwhile we see Tiger and Miss Kitty just getting back from shopping, and Tiger holding a large pile of boxes for her. Waul sneakingly trips Tiger from behind a building. He then offers to help Tiger with the boxes as if he'd just been passing by when Tiger stumbled on his own, and takes the opportunity to try to woo Miss kitty and get her to sing for a get-together he had planned with the other cats in town. Miss Kitty refuses, until Waul says that Tiger would be welcome to attend. Tiger then begs Miss Kitty to perform, to which she agrees. That night at an abandoned mill Waul hosts the event on a stage that happened to be there, and presents to his audience the special meal for the night, which happens to be a Fievel and Sydney salad! When Tiger takes his rope out to try and save Fievel one of the cats grabs Tiger and ties him up with his own rope, before yanking on it and sending Tiger spinning through the wall. Meanwhile Papa and Mr. Schimmel look down on the scene from the rooftop and Schimmel goes down to save his son. We then see Chula in a kitchen, singing to himself.

"Someone's in the kitchen with Chula

Someone's in the kitchen with me

Someone's in the kitchen with Chula

And dinner he will be."

Meanwhile, Fievel and Sydney plot their escape. They make their way out of the pot and over to the window. When Sydney tries to go through the window he gets stuck and noisily yells for Fievel to help him. Nice one. Just as Fievel pushes Sydney out Chula closes the window, trapping Fievel.

At that same time, Miss kitty begins her singing performance, a rendition of "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes". The performance is interrupted by Mr. Schimmel running in demanding his son be returned to him, only to find himself surrounded by hungry cats. I guess a lack of intelligence runs in the family. But luckily Tiger swings down from the ceiling on a rope and rescues Mr. Schimmel, as Miss Kitty watches, fully convinced of Tiger's lie. Tiger gets left dangling from the rope as the cats swat at him from below. But just then Fievel escaped the kitchen and finds a giant stone wheel at the other end of the room, and he pushes at the piece of wood keeping it from rolling away. Chula comes out just then chasing Fievel, and instead runs at the pice of wood and pushes it away. The wheel then rolls forward, chasing the cats out of the building. The day is saved, and Miss Kitty is left very impressed.

The next scene is when Tiger is forced to tell Miss Kitty the horrible truth, that he's not really the Marshall but just a bum who sits around and does nothing all day, and plays with little mouse boys. But Miss Kitty still likes him, and she kisses him on the cheek before getting on her wagon and leaving Green River again (possibly leaving out of disappointment with Tiger, though this isn't stated). Fievel and Tiger then resume messing around and playing together, and when Sydney tattles on them to his dad, he makes Sydney do more chores as a punishment.


  • This is the only episode that includes Miss Kitty. Meanwhile Wylie Burp is completely missing from the TV series, along with Tony Toponi, Bridget, Gussie Mausheimer, Honest John, Moe, and The Bullying Orphans.
    • Tony is the only character that would eventually return in the latter DTV sequels in 1998. For approximately various issues, other characters are absent from the series completely, with the exception of Henri for his limited appearance in that sequel (Henri hasn’t reappeared after the 1986 film).
  • Miss Kitty is voiced by Cynthia Ferrer, rather than Amy Irving, her voice in Fievel Goes West.
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