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Humans registering at Castle Garden

Humans in the An American Tail movies are often in the background, and are almost never the focal point. Only rarely are their faces shown. They are always oblivious to the talking, clothed animals that live among them; incredibly, things like the Giant Mouse of Minsk, Cat R. Waul's mouse trap, a mouse street riot, and the destruction caused by the Night Monster aren't enough to even turn their heads. Yet sometimes they affect the plot, and are always a background element.

In the first movie, as an artistic choice Don Bluth animated humans with rotoscoping, purposely making them more "real" than the cartoon mice among them.

Notable appearances[]

An American Tail:[]

  • The Moskowitz family from Shostka, who are never shown, but might be the human versions of the Mousekewitz's.
  • Cossacks attack Shostka at the same time their pet cats attack the mice.
  • A human on the boat to America accidentally steps on an ember because of two mice shoving it away, others are shown trying to keep warm in blankets.
  • Human immigrants are shown at Castle Garden getting their names changed.
  • Humans are shown working in the same building as Moe's Sweatshop.
  • A human woman screams and tosses things at Fievel when she sees him in her phonograph player.
  • Firefighters come to put the fire out at the pier, though conveniently never saw the Mouse of Minsk.

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West[]

  • Cat R. Waul's owner appears twice and smothers him with affection while pressing him into her boobs and dressing him like a baby (complete with a bonnet, bow and booties) all while calling him "Pussy Poo" and referring to herself as his "Mommy". 
  • The mouse train conductor gets carried into the pocket of a human train conductor while clinging to his pocket watch. The human never notices.
  • Some cowboys in the saloon above Cat R. Waul's try to shoot at Fievel and Chula.

Fievel's American Tails[]

  • A human miner strikes gold at the beginning of "The Lost Mother Lode", kicking off the plot when a gold pebble he drops smashes into Mr. Schimmel's window.
  • Jeremiah's skeleton appears in his lost gold mine, in the same episode as above.
  • A human cowboy slams Cat R. Waul with a door just as he's about to capture Fievel and Tanya in "A Case of the Hiccups", inadvertently rescuing them.

An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island[]

  • While not seen, the fate of the human Lenape is what led the Lenape Mice to move underground.
  • A human couple are seen in the Tunnel Of Love while Fievel, Tanya, Tony and Cholena are there.

An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster[]

  • Madame Mousey's owner, a rich elderly woman and the wife of the Public Works Chief of New York, appears near the end of the film. She speaks to a friend of hers, after reclaiming Mousey. Her face is shown. She's perhaps the closest thing to a fleshed out human character in the series, though still very minor.


An American Tail[]

Fievel Goes West[]