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Honest John

Honest John is a crooked politician, mousedom's equivilent to Boss Tweed. He's often seen drunk. Bridget took Fievel and Tony to Tammany Hall see if Honest John knew where Fievel's family was, but because they were fresh off the boat, he didn't know them yet. He was presiding over a wake at the time, adding the unfortunate dead mouse's name to a list of 'ghost votes'. It is likely that he joins Gussie Mausheimer's campaign against the cats in order to have his name attached to the effort, thus earning him more votes come next election. After Warren is vanquished he does acknowledge Fievel's contribution to their success.

He makes a brief cameo in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West during the song Way Out West.

He makes a character in Universal Studio Parks, he sang "There Are No Cats In America" with Tony Toponi, Gussie, at An American Tail Theatre.


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