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The hawk is a minor antagonist in the 1991 film, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. It swoops down after Fievel when he's lost in the desert, picking him up after chasing him into a scorpion hole. When the Mousehican tribe go to hunt for dinner after worshiping Tiger as a tiger god, and the hawk ends up flying through the mouse village, the bird, carrying Fievel, ends up getting shot out of the sky burnt with fireworks, allowing him then to self-drop. After that, the Native American Mice are shown carrying a plate with a fully-cooked bird on it a couple scenes later, which we can presume was the hawk.

Role in the Film[]

The hawk mainly exists to provide tension while Fievel is lost in the desert, illustrating just how dangerous of a situation he is in. Fievel even squeaks like a mouse when he is being chased by the hawk, the only time in the series where he does so. This perhaps helps show that he is truly the prey.


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