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Get the Facts is a song that Nellie Brie sings to Fievel Mousekewitz in An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster. Nellie sings it to encourage Fievel to overcome his fears by approaching them with logic and reasoning. After the song it still takes Fievel a while to do as Nellie tells him in the song, with regards to his fears of the Night Monster, but he learns Nellie's lesson by the end of the film.

It is somewhat similar in nature to Never Say Never, another song where Fievel is being mentored by someone about overcoming his problems.

The song is performed by Susan Boyd and Thomas Dekker.


Nellie: When the night is dark

With shadows all around

And monsters everywhere you turn

There's a very simple secret I have found

That anyone with courage can learn

Get the facts!

All the whats and wheres and whys

Get the facts!

Simply open up your eyes

Seek the truth, find the proof

And your fears will all go poof!

Follow the tracks

Get the facts!

Get the facts!

Stick your nose in everywhere

Get the facts!

Snoop it here and sniff it there

Find the clues, see it through

Do the best that you can do

Don't be lax

Get the facts!

Everyone's afraid at times

But if you use your wits

You'll find what once was scary

Is really very ordinary

Fievel: Get the facts?

Nellie: Don't you listen to the gabble

Nellie and Fievel: Get the facts!

Fievel: Not the balderdash and babble

Nellie: Don't give up on the goal

Til you've figured out the whole

ball of wax

Fievel: Get the facts!

Nellie: Learn to tell the difference

Between truth and fairy tales

For when it's all in focus

You'll find it's mostly hocus pocus

Both: Get the facts!

Nellie: Keep your eye on every house

Both: Get the facts!

Fievel: On every dog and cat and mouse

Nellie: Shine your light, make it bright

Both: Everything will turn out right

Nellie: Don't be lax!

Fievel: Follow tracks!

Nellie: Give the boogie man the axe!

Both: Get the facts!

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