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Geronimouse is the Chief of the Mousehican tribe in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, situated in the "Worselands", a desert in the west. He is their spiritual leader. After they capture Tiger, he is the first member of the tribe who notices Tiger's resemblance to their sacred rock, which causes the Mousehicans to worship him as a god instead of eating him. He is implied to have shamanic magical powers, like summoning fire.

Geronimouse is named after Geronimo, a prominent leader of the Apache tribe whose name means "One who yawns". Similarly, the Mousehicans are named after the Mohican Native American tribe, who did not actually live out west but in the New England area. This is the only tribe in film series that didn’t include a female Native American.

While a minor character, he was given a card in the An American Tail Trading Cards. This is the only time he is named. He and his tribe are not seen in Fievel's American Tails after being viewed as negative Native American stereotypes. However, the Native American mice did eventually appear in An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island, but this time, these are Lenape Mice and does include female Native Americans. Despite their personality appearances differs from those of Fievel Goes West, their appearances are limited for only one film.

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