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Fievel's Playland is a playground-like section at Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando, Florida within the Woody Woodpecker KidZone dedicated to An American Tail (mostly Fievel Goes West), aimed mostly at little kids, and has visitors pretend to be the size of mice. There was once one in Universal Studios, Hollywood as well, but it was replaced in 1997. It opened at the same time as the An American Tail Live Show, but has outlasted it by a long shot, as one of the oldest attractions in the park to still be around. It was rumored, then later confirmed[1] that Fievel's Playland, along with the entire Woody Woodpecker KidZone area will be replaced by a Nintendo-themed attraction in the next couple years. It is due to be closed by Labor Day, 2018.


There is a photospot where visitors can be in a wanted poster as Cat R. Waul and his gang, and a waterslide along with a playground. There's also a 30-foot spider web to climb, and a giant cowboy hat and boot.


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