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Voiced: Tiger, in his every appearance.

Born: August 1, 1933

Died: May 4, 2009

Also Appears In: The Secret of NIMH, Oliver & Company, All Dogs Go To Heaven, A Troll in Central Park, Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs


Dom DeLuise voiced Tiger in every installment in the An American Tail franchise. Recognized instantly by young moviegoers of the Eighties and Nineties for his constantly wheezing voice and constantly cheerful, if quirky, disposition, Dominick "Dom" DeLuise first started his acting profession on stage, his first role being Tinker the toymaker in a local children's program, soon moving on to comedies like the off-Broadway "The Jackass", where he truly started to shine. In fact, former partner Mel Brooks once quipped that when he hired Dom for one of his films, he would "instinctively add another two days to the schedule because of the constant laughter Dom provided on the set". Along with Brooks, Dom frequently worked with Don Bluth, and was known to reprise the characters he voiced in just about every sequel or TV series they later appeared in.