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Digit is the secondary antagonist of An American Tail. He is voiced by the late Will Ryan.


Digit the cockroach serves as Warren's accountant, calculating Warren's daily profits. He suffers from random charges of electricity from his antennae and hiccups. Though he may seem good-natured for the most part, selling Fievel to Moe's Sweatshop to save Warren 50 cents was actually his idea, making him a deceptively evil and cowardly character. He is, however, very unhappy with his working conditions. He dislikes Warren's chain-smoking habit, his violin playing and his misquotations of Shakespeare. In fact, he corrects Warren at one point, implying that he probably knows Shakespeare better than Warren does. On the other hand, Digit is also very afraid of Warren, and is kept under control by Warren's threats to eat him. Digit loves to count and even suggests learning to calculate in Chinese(and actually counts in Mandarin Chinese) when it is evident that the Mott Street Maulers are going to Hong Kong.


"I don't know which is worse- the music or the Shakespeare."


  • He is voiced by the late Will Ryan, who also voices Petrie in Don Bluth’s next film The Land Before Time (1988).
  • He is given rather a simple children's counting game on the An American Tail DVD called Counting with Digit (pictured above).
  • He is shown to know some Chinese, or at least numbers, when he counts in Mandarin Chinese during his final appearance in the film.
  • He is the only character in a Don Bluth film to do a cartoony wild take, which he does when he sees the Giant Mouse of Minsk.
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