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The CD single

Diddy Diddy Dum Dum (Fievel's Little Song) was the first track on the album An American Tail: A Musical Adventure With Fievel and Friends. It was also released as a single, the only single from the album. Fievel's voice was performed by Phillip Glasser, his voice actor from the movies, and the song was written by John Forster, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil and produced by Mark Ross and Nat Kipner.

The song is about Fievel's immigration to the United States and some of the difficulties he faced fitting in. It is holiday themed, but only vaguely. The song conflicts with some of the canon of An American Tail, and seems to get some of its geography wrong (as Russia was to the east of Prussia).


I'm Fievel, I'm from Russia
Just a little bit west of Prussia
But I emigrated to the USA

Once a year upon this date
I drink a toast and celebrate
And wish the world a happy holiday
And I sing my little song this way...

Diddy diddy dum dum, diddy diddy dum
Everybody join and sing along
Diddy diddy dum dum, it's a lot of good fun
When you're singing Fievel's little song.

I was born in Vladivostok
In a little wooden house
Papa was a tailor, Mama was a mousewife
I was just an itty bitty mouse!

Times were tough and we were starving
We could not afford to stay
We packed our grips and we took a little trip
Over to the USA
And every holiday (we sing)

**Repeat Chorus**

I was just a little mousey
When I came to this new land
Because I spoke with a funny accent
People found me hard to understand!

But I worked hard and made some money
Learned to read and write their way
I thank my lucky stars that brought me
To the USA
So every holiday (I sing)

**Repeat Chorus**

Memories what used to be
They fade away, but never end
Since I came to this new land
I'm not alone, you're all my friends
All my friends...

**Repeat Chorus to fade**