An American Tail Wiki

Produced and Created: An American Tail, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

Born: May 29, 1955

Other Works: Child's Play (series), Once Upon a Forest, The Pagemaster, Cats Don't Dance, Hocus Pocus


 David Kirschner came up with the initial concept for An American Tail, also making the character designs and writing the overall plot. An American Tail was his first big hit, and he also produced the sequel, Fievel Goes West. He played a role in Fievel's American Tails as a consultant, though he had far less input than he did for the movies. His second film after An American Tail, in a somewhat bizarre and unexpected twist, was Child's Play, which started an entire series of horror movies starring the killer doll, Chucky. He later became chairman of Hanna-Barbera, producing much of their output from the late 80's through the 90's, including the films Once Upon a Forest and The Pagemaster. He would later produce the under-rated cult classic animated film Cats Don't Dance before rejoining Don Bluth to createTitan A.E. Sadly, all of his animated films after the An American Tail series became under-rated and obscure, though most of them really are very good movies. But, we owe An American Tail and it's subsequent installments all to him, without him it could never have happened.