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Chief Wulisso (father)

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An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island

Appears in

An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island

Voice actor

Elaine Bilstad (speaking)
Leeza Miller (singing)

"This dream of yours is a wonderful thing, even if it has not always been taken to heart."

Cholena is the tritagonist of An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island. She is the daughter of Chief Wulisso, sachem of the underground Lenape village, and a friend to Fievel Mousekewitz. She was voiced by Elaine Bilstad, and her singing voice was provided by Leeza Miller.


Cholena has reddish fur and long braided black hair. Her eyes are green. She is taller than Fievel but a little smaller than Tony. She wears a buckskin dress among her people, but she dons a pink Victorian dress and shawl when she visits the surface. She always wears a blue bead necklace, which seems to carry some sentimental value to her.

An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island[]

When Fievel Mousekewitz, Tony Toponi, Tiger, Dr. Dithering, and Scuttlebutt encounter the Lenape, Cholena's father, Chief Wulisso, asks her to guide them around the village. Tony immediately develops a crush on her, but Cholena doesn't share his feelings. During the feast held in honor of the visitors, she answers the many questions Fievel has about the ceremony and affectionately names him "Zelozelos" (pronounced "Chulu-Chulus"), which is the Lenape word for cricket. She also gives Tony the nickname of "Pulaook" (Lenape for turkey) in response to his attempted flirtations.

After Scuttlebutt is caught stealing from the tribe, Cholena learns that Fievel is feeling guilty about their treasure-hunting expedition and tries to comfort him by showing him their treasure, wampum. However, when she explains that the beads represent the history of her tribe, Fievel points out that the Europeans were the ones who drove her people from their land and angrily declares that he wants nothing to do with the American Dream if that is what it entails. Cholena then sings "Anywhere in Your Dreams", bringing Fievel on a tour of the village. Feeling better, Fievel suggests that Cholena should visit the surface with him. Wulisso agrees and instructs his daughter to learn whether or not the Europeans have changed their ways.

Cholena returns with Fievel to the Mousekewitz family, who gives her Victorian clothing to help her blend in. Fievel then takes her on a tour of the city, showing her sights such as the trains, the Statue of Liberty, Coney Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge. However, Scuttlebutt reveals her presence in the city to the factory owners, Mr. Grasping, Mr. Toplofty, and Mr. O'Bloat, who decide to incite a war with the Lenape to distract the workers from their own grievances. That night, Cholena's dinner with the Mousekewitz family and Tony is interrupted by Papa Mousekewitz, who reveals that an angry mob and the police are searching for her. When the mob arrives, Cholena is separated from her friends in the confusion and is spotted by the police, but she is rescued by Fievel and Tony. She then returns to her village with Fievel, Tony, and Tanya and warns her father about the impending attack. Cholena feels guilty about the outcome of her visit to the surface, but Wulisso assures her that the actions of the Europeans are not her fault.

Cholena's final words

Cholena bids farewell to Fievel and Tanya.

Following the defense of the village and the decision to collapse the tunnel leading to the surface, Cholena shares a tearful goodbye with Fievel and gives Tony a kiss on the cheek, which causes the young Sicilian to blush and nearly faint. She is last seen at the celebration of the factory workers' successful strike, waving to Fievel from a nearby statue before withdrawing into a secret passage.


  • Cholena is loosely inspired by Pocahontas, a Powhatan princess who made contact with early settlers and married a European.
  • Cholena was voiced by Native American actress Elaine Bilstad. This was Bilstad's final role before her death in 1999.
  • Cholena's age is not specified in the movie. She appears to be older than Fievel but is likely younger than Tony. Because of her interactions with both Fievel and Tony regarding their age differences, Cholena’s age remained undisclosed.
  • The sequence showing Tony blushes after being kissed by Cholena was one of the broadly stereotypical treatment of the Native Americans. As a result, their skin color is attributed to blushing after being kissed by women, which this treatment is used during the controversial musical sequence in the 1953 film Peter Pan, like Tiger Lily kissed Peter Pan for instance.[1] This offense is since grounded in the 21st century.


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