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Cheese Factory was a working company that was owned by Mr. Grasping and his colleagues in An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island. Papa Mousekewitz did work in the factory, even Tony Toponi worked there.It was located underneath a human dairy. Mice were in charge of stealing milk from the humans and making their own cheese, wrapping it up when it came down in finished form on conveyor belts. The pay seems to have been a single coin a week (likely a penny). The attendance policy is quite strict as well, as Tony is nearly fired for coming in late; after Papa begs the boss for mercy on Tony's behalf, he is instead docked a week's pay. The workers are kept from rebelling by the police force which is on Mr. Grasping's payroll.

This area is not present or mentioned in An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster, as it left the audiences unsure if Papa, Tony, and all the mice employees are still working there or completely quit.

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