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Bell the Cats
Season 1, Episode 13
Written by Hank Saroyan and J.R. Young
Directed by Larry Jacobs
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Bell the Cats is the 13th and final episode of the short-lived series Fievel's American Tails, written by Hank Saroyan and J.R. Young.


This final episode begins with Tiger being chased by a dog. Fievel overhears the commotion and jumps onto Tiger's back, telling him which direction to turn to get away. They eventually cause the dog to collide with a wagon. A row of little wagon bells fall off the side, and Fievel decides to take them. Meanwhile, as Papa is coming home from the store, Felonius tries to sneak up on him. Papa gets away, mostly due to the cat's clumsiness. When he gets home and tells his family about it, Fievel gets the bright idea of putting bells on the tails of every cat in town while they sleep, using his Papa's unbreakable violin strings. That night he sneaks into Sweet William's hideout, and ties bells onto all of their tails, narrowly escaping Sweet William himself thanks to a distraction from Tiger. That morning Papa, thinking that the bells mean that the garbage wagon is coming, brings an old dresser out. However the bell actually was at the end of the tail of Slim the cat. Papa ends up throwing the dresser right into the open mouth of the cat, narrowly escaping back into his home. That is when Fievel tells his family what he had done, and news quickly spreads across Green River that every cat has been belled. The mice of Green River take full advantage of this knowledge, running whenever a cat happens to be creeping up and getting away.

Sweet William's gang realize that the mice know that they're coming because of the bells, and come up with a counter-plan. They begin to walk about freely around town all day and all night, with their bells ringing, causing the mice to be in constant paranoia. They don't try to attack the mice at first, but their plan is to wait for the precise right moment to pounce. Fievel and Tiger come up with a plan. They tell a dog that all of the cats in Green River have bells on their tails. That dog them informs a pack of multi-colored dogs (one's green, one's purple and one's blue...for some reason.) The dogs attack all of the cats in Green River, the sounds of bells and barking fills the air all day and all night, frustrating the Mousekewitz family.  Fievel starts to think belling the cats wasn't such a good idea after all because of all the noise, so he sends Tiger to make a deal with Sweet William. Fievel will remove the bells with special scissors as long as the cats agree to stop chasing mice. William agrees, and after Tiger leaves he says to his gang that as soon as the bells are off he'll eat Fievel. The next morning Fievel removes the bells one by one, having the cats stick their tails through a knothole at the Mahoney Livery. After Fievel cuts William's bell, he reaches through the wall and grabs Fievel. But Fievel was prepared for this. Tiger then took the bag Fievel was keeping the bells in and shook it. The ringing attracted the dog pack, chasing the cats away. Later on, Tiger realizes they never removed his bell, which he put on to fit in with the other cats. The episode ends with Tiger running from the dog pack, and Fievel desperately trying to keep up, with the scissors in his hands. As they watch, Papa, Mama, and Yasha laugh at this.


Bell Cats
  • For unknown reasons, Cat R. Waul makes no appearance whatsoever in this episode.
  • One Eye appears in a few scenes where a crowd of cats is shown.
  • This was the last work in which Phillip Glasser voices Fievel, and Cathy Cavadini voices Tanya. If one considers the direct-to-video movies midquels, this episode is chronologically the last of the entire An American Tail series.
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