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Aunt Sophie's Visit
Season 1, Episode 11
Written by Hank Saroyan and J.R. Young
Directed by Larry Jacobs
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Aunt Sophie's Visit is the 11th episode of Fievel's American Tails. It was directed by Larry Jacobs, and written by Hank Saroyan and J.R. Young. It features the only appearance of Fievel's aunt, Sophie Mousekewitz.


Fievel's hyped up about attending a rodeo that's coming to Green River, and starts to practice with Tiger. We also see Cat R. Waul coming up with another scheme to capture all the mice at the rodeo. However when Fievel rushes home to inform his parents of the rodeo, Papa tells Fievel that his sister Sophie is coming to town, and that Fievel will not be attending any rodeos, much to his disappointment. Furthermore, Papa doesn't want Sophie seeing Fievel associating with Tiger, nor does he want her to see Fievel dressed in his normal attire, making him wear a red suit, shorts and bowtie that Sophie had made for him at some point in the past. When they meet Sophie at the train she calls Papa 'Bernie', and he corrects her saying 'Bernard'. Fievel seems disgusted with Sophie however, but it's mostly because he'd rather be in his usual clothes and training for the rodeo. That night, Sophie reminisces about how Papa always got into trouble and never got good grades, to Papa's dismay. She then asks Fievel to take her to the store, but Fievel doesn't want to be seen in public wearing that outfit. Sophie tells him he can change into his normal clothes, she doesn't mind. On the way they run into Tiger. Sophie picks Fievel up and tries to run away, falling into a mud puddle. Tiger remembers that he wasn't supposed to talk to Fievel while Sophie was around, and cautiously leaves the scene. But now Sophie needed new clothing. When they get to the store, Sophie picks up a cowgirl outfit, much to Fievel's suprise. She seems less and less stuck up than Papa made her out to be by the minute.

Suddenly as they're leaving, Chula drops down from nowhere and threatens Fievel and his aunt. Luckily Fievel is able to lasso a bucket of mops and pull it down on top of Chula, making a get away with Sophie. Sophie is very impressed, suggesting that he should be in the rodeo. When Fievel says that Papa told him no, she groans. When they get back to the house, Sophie talks Papa into letting Fievel be in the rodeo. The next morning Sophie and Fievel go to get Tiger and they practice for the rodeo. While Tiger and Fievel leave to find something to practice on, Chula again ambushes Sophie, demanding to know where the rodeo will be. Sophie doesn't tell him anything, and instead lassos Chula, hog-tying all eight of his legs. Later, Waul and Chula find out where the rodeo will be by simply eaves-dropping on Fievel and Sophie. Later at the rodeo, Fievel successfully hog-ties a prairie dog, and all goes well until Chula appears and scares the mice into running away. Waul begins to pick up mice to shove into a burlap sack, until Sophie comes to the rescue. She lassos Waul, gets on his back, and whips him, riding him like he was a rodeo horse.

Trivia and Errors[]

  • This episode is when Papa Mousekewitz is definitively given a name, Bernard. Perhaps because it would be awkward if his own sister called him Papa. His name was already mentioned briefly in "Mail Order Mayhem", and appears in a few episodes after this one as well.
  • This is Sophie Mousekewitz's only appearance.
  • When Mama and Papa correct the announcer the first time he mispronounces Fievel's name, Tanya's mouth disappears for a frame. The same thing happens to Yasha imediately afterwards.
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