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Cover of the game.

In 1993, Capstone Software and Manley & Associates, Inc. released, An American Tail: The Computer Adventures of Fievel and His Friends, also known as An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, for the Microsoft DOS platform. It was a point-and-click adventure game based on both of the first two An American Tail movies. You take the role of Fievel Mousekewitz, who then moves between areas picking up and interacting with items and characters. Fievel can store an unlimited number of items in his inventory and must use these to solve various puzzles & mini-games in order to progress.


The plot follows the basic story of the movies, but non-linearly. It is stated that Fievel's hat is "endowed with special properties, that will help him in life". The introduction tells how Fievel was swept overboard in a storm, and soon Fievel finds himself at Castle Garden where he meets Warren T. Rat. Fievel can either tell him he's looking for his family, ask about Warren's nose (his reply is that he injured it in a laundry-related accident), or say he's not allowed to talk to strangers. He offers Fievel some money, and if Fievel leaves he can go to another part of the market to play a mini-game involving card memorization. He also runs into a Warren look-alike, William B. Prat, who may actually be Warren in another disguise, and tries to lure Fievel with a promise to find his family.

Leaving the Castle Garden market brings Fievel to Hester Street, where he can hear a violin. If he talks to the the young homeless mouse on the street, he will suggest that Fievel find Tony Toponi. If Fievel agrees and walks down the alleyway, he'll find Tony hanging out with The Bullying Orphans. The orphans challenge Fievel to a mini-game before they reveal which of them is Tony. Tony will be Fievel's friend in exchange for something. If Fievel gives him the pack of cards he won in the first mini-game Tony will take Fievel to Gussie Mausheimer's rally to look for his family.He tells Gussie about the Giant Mouse of Minsk, and Gussie tells Fievel to collect a skull, some dice and a skeleton key so that they can build it. If Fievel can find a storm drain and go down it he'll find the hideout of the Mott Street Maulers, and a skeleton key. When he takes the key, Warren will see Fievel and trap him in a cage. Tiger will rescue him, if he says the right things. When he finds all three items Fievel heads to the pier. Here Fievel is reunited with his Papa, who tells him to assemble the Giant Mouse of Minsk via a puzzle mini-game. Once completed, the cats will be defeated and it's on to the Fievel Goes West portion of the game.

The basic premise is the same; Fievel and his family are chased out of New York by a cat attack and get tickets to the West from a shady cowboy mouse in the sewers, while Miss Kitty leaves Tiger to go west too. Fievel wanders around on the train and overhears the evil plans of Cat R. Waul. When Waul sees Fievel, he challenges him to a game of dots. After Fievel wins, Chula still throws Fievel off the train. Fievel wanders through the desert, before being picked up by a hawk and dropped off at Green River. He can enter Waul's saloon, where Tanya is performing. If Fievel can talk her out of hanging around with cats she'll give Fievel a bottle of perfume from Sophia (aka Miss Kitty). After this Fievel can talk to Wylie Burp, and if he guesses correctly what Wylie will say next in his "going to the dogs" speech, and finds his rusty sheriff's badge in the desert, Wylie will agree to help against Waul. Next Fievel must find Tiger, who is being worshiped by the Mousehicans, and convince him to join their cause by showing him Sophia's perfume. From there Wylie will give Fievel a shooting mini-game with a slingshot. After this, the final stage begins where Fievel must shoot the cats of Waul's gang with his slingshot as moving targets. Once defeating the gang, Fievel must disarm the giant mouse trap in another mini-game. After this, the game ends with a screen reading "As a result of Fievel's heroic acts, he and his family are once again reunited to lead an adventurous life in the new frontier."


  • Fievel's age is stated to be seven years old; the only time Fievel is ever given an age. This is also usually accepted by fans as the age of Fievel, at least in the first film, because it is the age Phillip Glasser was when he first voiced the character.
  • When Fievel goes to Gussie's rally, his family is right in front of him (as part of the background layout) but he still doesn't see them. Bridget appears at the rally, but is several times larger than Fievel or Tony.
  • The game states that the Mousekewitz family lives in Brooklyn at the beginning of Fievel Goes West, though this contradicts what is said by the An American Tail Trading Cards.
  • Miss Kitty is given the first name Sophia in this game.