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In 1992 Marvel Comics released a three-issue comic book adaptation of An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. It followed the basic plot of the movie, with a few minor differences, and seems to be based on an earlier draft of the movie's script. This three-issue series is adapted from Flint Dille’s screenplay and a story by Charles Swenson, and features art by George Wildman. 

The titles of the issues were as follows:

  • Vol. 1 : "Go West, Young Mousekewitz"
  • Vol. 2: "A Fistful of Cheese"
  • Vol. 3: "The Good, The Bad, and The Furry"


  • In the comics, Tanya is given a love interest named Willie, a boy she meets in New York that worked for a cheese vendor, who she ends up with at the end after reuniting with him in Green River. It could be this character was cut from the film version.
  • It is off-model in many places. For example Miss Kitty is pink and much more obese, the colors on nearly all of the characters is incorrect even on the covers,and many characters are poorly-drawn in some panels.
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