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AAT A Musical Adventure with Fievel and Friends

An American Tail: A Musical Adventure With Fievel and Friends was a promotional album released on November 19, 1991, coinciding with the theatrical release of An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. It includes 13 tracks released on CD and cassette. Besides adaptations of Somewhere Out There and Dreams to Dream, the other eleven tracks are completely original and never appeared in a movie. Phillip Glasser is the only voice actor from the movies that appears on it, reprising Fievel Mousekewitz. Vikki Watson portrays Tanya Mousekewitz, and Donny Gerrard voices both Papa Mousekewitz and Tiger.

Track Listing[]

  1. Diddy Diddy Dum Dum (Fievel's Little Song) - Fievel Mousekewitz (Phillip Glasser) - Fievel sings about his life before and after immigrating to America.
  2. I Hate Cats! - Papa Mousekewitz (Donny Gerrard) - Papa tells why he dislikes felines.
  3. Fievel's Point of View - Fievel Mousekewitz (Phillip Glasser) - Fievel sings about his dreams and what he wants to do in his life.
  4. The Fiddler's Dance - Tanya Mousekewitz (Vikki Watson) - Tanya sings about her father's violin playing.
  5. Mouses Even Cry - Fievel Mousekewitz (Phillip Glasser) - Fievel sings about how difficult life is for mice, and how even mice have feelings.
  6. If Cheese Grew on Trees - Papa Mousekewitz (Donny Gerrard) - Papa wishes that cheese grew on trees.
  7. Poor Fievel - Tanya Mousekewitz (Vikki Watson) - A musical retelling of Fievel's struggle to find his family in An American Tail.
  8. Somewhere Out There (Solo Version) - Fievel Mousekewitz (Phillip Glasser)
  9. A Little Bit of Reggae - Papa Mousekewitz (Donny Gerrard) - Papa sings a cool Jamaican reggae tune. Yes, really.
  10. Dreams to Dream - Tanya Mousekewitz (Vikki Watson)
  11. Anything Can Happen in America - Papa Mousekewitz (Donny Gerrard) - Papa sings about how you can achieve anything you put your mind to in America.
  12. Fievel and Me - Fievel Mousekewitz (Phillip Glasser) and Tiger (Donny Gerrard) - Fievel and Tiger sing about their odd yet enduring friendship.
  13. Fievel, That's Me! - Fievel Mousekewitz (Phillip Glasser) and Randy Newman - Fievel, aided by a backup chorus, sings about how he's the toughest mouse in the wild west.


  • Vocals: Phillip Glasser, Vikki Watson, Donny Gerrard, Randy Newman
  • Background Vocals: Siedah Garrett, Kate Markowitz, Andrea Zonn, David Lasley, Élise Duguay, Arnold McCuller, James Ingram, Kay Hanley, Donna de Lory, Terry Bradford, Paul Edwards, Lara Jackson, Mandy Collins, Charlotte Spencer, Naomi McDonald, Bruce Cockburn, Joseph WIlliams, Bobby Kimball, Dorian Holley, Kevin Dorsey, Darryl Phinnessee, Ken Stacey, Taylor McMillan, Steve Lukather, David Paich, The Muses, The Andrae Crouch Singers, The Manhattan Transfer, Crystal Mata
  • Guitars: Dean Parks, Tim Pierce, Danny Huff, Ira Siegel, George Wadenius, Mandy Collins, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Greg Howe, David Spinozza, Andy Scott, Steve Lukather, Bruce Cockburn, Michael Landau
  • Electric Bass: Wayne Pedzwater, Neil Jason, Terry Jackson, Taylor Mayfield, Nathan East, Willie Weeks, Don Payne, Jimmy Johnson, Leland Sklar
  • Drums: Richard Crooks, Chris Parker, John Robinson, Steve Jordan, Gordon Peeke, Russell Kunkel, Steve Gadd
  • Piano, Keyboards: David Foster, Glen Ballard, Randy Newman, Charlotte Spencer, David Paich, Greg Phillinganes, Jai Winding, Ray Chew, Bill Payne, Crystal Mata, Kieran Kiely, Brian Mann, Dr. Clarence McDonald, Brad Buxer, Vikki Watson, Don Goldman
  • Percussion: Bashiri Johnson, Richard Crooks, Anthony Lewis, Luis Conte, Gordon Peeke, Taylor McMillan
  • Steel: Mike Daily, Kurt Johnston, Paul Prestopino, Mandy Collins
  • Harmonica: Don Brooks, Taylor McMillan, Howard Levy, Paul Prestopino
  • Jew's Harp: Don Brooks
  • Trumpets: Lewis Soloff, Larry Lunetta, Walter Fowler, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey
  • Trombones: Dave Bargeron, Bill Reichenbach, Michael Lewis
  • Saxophones: Larry Williams, Michael Brecker, Louis Marini, Jr., Boris Pennycook, Branford Marsalis
  • Tuba: Dave Bargeron, Junior Rachael
  • Flutes: Barbara Hart, Jacquelyn Drescher, Genevieve Fentress, Lisa Edelstein, Louis Marini, Jr., Kim Hutchcroft
  • Tin Whistle: Edwin Rockett, Louis Marini, Jr., Jon Clarke, Boris Pennycook
  • Recorders: Jon Clarke, Boris Pennycook
  • French Horns: Jeff Nelson, Stewart Rose, Fred Rizner
  • Clarinets: Jay Mason, Acker Bilk, Boris Pennycook, Elaine Isaacs
  • Oboes: Jon Clarke, Phil Feather
  • Bassoons: Paul Hanson, Lindsay Cooper, Charles R. Sirard, Louise Watson
  • Piccolo: Sara Weisz
  • Uilleann Pipes: Cora Mills, Jerry O'Sullivan, Davy Spillane
  • Irish Fiddle: Paul Peabody, Eileen Ivers
  • Violins: Miriam Mayer, Moshe Hamilton, Peter Sharon, Mark O'Connor, Josh Bell, Lajos Balogh, Andrea Zonn
  • Violas: Kent Teeple, Elspeth Hanson, Sylvia Roth, Elizabeth Milton, Derek Hills, Nelly Robin Ross
  • Celli: Stephanie Fife, Susie Katayama, Élise Duguay, Yo-Yo Ma, Owen Young, Peter Schenkman
  • Bass Viols: Dave Stone, Richard Kniss
  • Harp: Gayle Levant
  • Timpani: Gordon Peeke
  • Accordion: Brian Mann, Kieran Kiely
  • Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro: Paul Prestopino, Howard Levy
  • Steel Drums: Earl LaPierre

Trivia and Goofs[]

  • In "Diddy Diddy Dum Dum (Fievel's Little Song)", Fievel states that Russia is "a little bit west of Prussia". Russia was actually to the east of Prussia, which was in present-day Germany and Poland.
  • "Diddy Diddy Dum Dum (Fievel's Little Song)" states Fievel's birthplace as Vladivostok, Russia.
  • The album was considered infamous for containing anachronisms, which are far ahead of their time. In "Anything Can Happen in America" Papa mentions computers, even though he's supposed to be from the late 19th century, which technically didn’t come about until middle of the 20th century. And as for "A Little Bit of Reggae", reggae as a musical genre did not emerge until the 1960's.
  • The album's adaptation of "Somewhere Out There" features Phillip Glasser singing alone, while the music is taken from Linda Ronstadt's rendition.
  • One of the album's writers and producers, Mark Ross, denied rumors that the original songs appearing on the album had been cut from either of the existing An American Tail movies. It is known that at least one song was cut from the first film during production, but it does not appear on this album.
  • Vikki Watson currently performs as Aeone, and represented the United Kingdom in the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest.
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