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A Mouse Known as Zorrowitz
Season 1, Episode 9
Written by J. Larry Carroll and David Carren
Directed by Larry Jacobs
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A Mouse Known as Zorrowitz is the ninth episode of the TV series Fievel's American Tails.


The episode begins with another one of Fievel's famous dream sequences. Tiger is captured and tied up by a couple of feline thugs, when Zorrowitz (Fievel dressed in a Zorro outfit) comes to his rescue. He uses his whip to cut all of Tiger's ropes and the cats run away in fear. But the dream is interrupted by the ringing of a clock tower, and Fievel realizes he's late for dinner. He rushes home, only to be scolded by his father for completely missing dinner, and is grounded for two days. Tanya giggles at him when it happens too. Fievel has to come straight home after school, do homework and chores, and is not allowed to play at all.

So the next day as Fievel is doing chores, Papa comes home with some big news. The yearly cheese shipment is coming to Green River! And of course this is strictly hush-hush; if any evil, feline, mouse-hungry, scheming British villains were to hear about it, who knows what might happen. Mama and Papa have been selected to help steal some of the cheese from the humans and store it away. Fievel asks to help, but is reminded that he's still grounded. So later, after trying to carry some flour into a barrel but accidentally falling in, Sydney comes to boast at Fievel. After he calls Fievel dumb, Fievel seeks to prove that he isn't dumb by saying he knows about the cheese delivery. He says the entire plan aloud, which at least shuts Sydney up. But, Chula was hanging from a web and listening in on the whole thing. So Chula brings this news to Cat R. Waul. And of course, with control of the cheese supply Waul can get the mice to do whatever he wants.

Later, Tiger tells Fievel that he found out Waul knows about the cheese because "some stupid kid spilled the beans", and that he's planning on stealing it. Fievel can't tell anyone that Waul knows because they'd figure out it was his fault they knew. Fievel begs his parents to come with, but they still won't let him because he's grounded. But...Zorrowitz isn't grounded! Fievel puts on his Zorrowitz costume, finds a needle to use as a sword, and he's off to foil Cat R. Waul. Waul is on top of a building, watching through a telescope as the stagecoach carrying the cheese rolls into town. Zorrowitz and Tiger dressed in a sombraro follow it as it rolls into a barn. When Fievel's parents and a few other mice in town go to steal the cheese, a web suddenly shoots at them, surrounding them like a net and suspending them in the air. Chula decends and sets off to steal the cheese. But just then, Zorrowitz swings down from the ceiling, kicking Chula away. He sends Chula catapulting out of the window via a pitchfork and cuts the adult mice down from their web net. So, the cheese is safe; the mice leave to take the cheese down the street to the local shop to be stored, and 'Zorrowitz' sets off to make it home before Tanya realizes he's gone.

But, all's not well yet. Chula and Waul personally intervene with the cheese. The mice scramble away, and Chula collects their swag. However, when he drops a box, it turns out to be filled with matches, not cheese. Meanwhile Fievel makes it home just as Tanya begins to wonder where he is. Tanya leaves to go take Yasha out on a walk, but not before cheerfully rubbing in the fact that Fievel can't come because he's grounded. The cheese is actually still at the barn, being guarded by Tiger. As he sits on the box, Chula drops down next to him, without Tiger noticing. He has a little fun with Tiger first, crossing his legs while Tiger crosses his, leaning forward when Tiger leans forward, before yelling "Boo!" Tiger is startled, hits his head, and falls unconcious. Waul then strolls in to take the cheese. When Fievel, no, Zorrowitz gets back to the barn, he discovers the cheese is missing. He decides he'll have to steal it back, by finding an identical box to trick Waul with. After they leave, Fievel's Parents, the Shopkeeper, and his annoying son Sydney shw up to get the cheese, but find it gone. Sydney assumes Zorrowitz stole it.


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As Waul hides out and Chula tries to open the box, he overhears Zorrowitz and Tiger talking outside. When he looks out the window he sees them carrying an identical box and talking about how stupid Waul is. Waul buys it, but not totally. He sends Chula to find out what Zorrowitz is talking about while guarding the box. Chula overhears them go on about how they 'switched' the boxes and Waul has the wrong one. When Chula tells Waul, he angrily rushes out the door to find Zorrowitz. After he's gone, Tiger and Zorrowitz go in and steal the box of cheese. Waul finds the other box sitting in an alley, and takes it. However, when they're both on their way, they turn a corner and bump into each other! The boxes go flying, and it's impossible to tell which one is the right one. One of the boxes has an odor coming from it. Zorrowitz jumps onto it and tells Waul the other box has the cheese. Of course, Waul doesn't believe Zorrowitz, and goes for the stinky box. Tiger and Zorrowitz then take the other box after Waul leaves.

Fievel manages to get home just before his parents arrive, looking like he's doing chores. His parents are depressed because they think the cheese was stolen. A random mouse from out of nowhere tells Fievel's parents to come to the shop right away, so they do, and the Mousekewitz siblings follow. It turns out the cheese supply has been saved, complete with a letter from Zorrowitz saying he's the one to thank for the cheese. Meanwhile, back at Waul's lair, Waul opens the box with a crow bar. It turns out to be filled with stinky socks. It came complete with another note from Zorrowitz: "Roses are red, violets are pink, these socks should tell you how much you stink!"

The next day, Fievel shows up for dinner right on time. When Papa drops his silverwear, Fievel goes to pick it up for him. And when Fievel hands Papa the silverware, Papa hands Fievel the Zorrowitz mask. He whispers to Fievel that he is very proud. And then they eat cheese for dinner.

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